Recovery. Judaism. Connection. 

T'Shuvah Center offers a range of services from intensive long-term residential services to family and individual counseling. 


  • Long-term residential recovery program for clients 18 and older who struggle with addiction or self-destructing behaviors.
  • Family and Individual Counseling.
  • Train and Educate spiritual and clinical professionals in residential recovery services. 
  • Seminars, lectures and other forms of training for your community. 


We offer various rates depending on what the client needs, level of care etc. For a comprehensive breakdown of cost, please contact us. 

Our Model

The most important component of the T'Shuvah Center faith-based model of recovery is the spiritual community. It is through this community of study, meditation, prayer and discussion that the residents transition from behavior patterns of perfectionism, failure, isolation and entitlement to life goals of progress, accountability, and gratitude. Residents look to religious archetypes, shared heritage, and communal wisdom for the strength to alter their behavior. 

T'Shuvah Center has many levels of residential recovery, designed to give each resident a unique continuum of care that provides an individualized program within guidelines. Each resident is closely monitored by members of our leadership team as he/she progresses throughout the various programs to ensure a healthy transition into a sober life. Residential recovery varies in length according to individual client needs, but typically involves six- nine months' residence. 

The Long-Term Residential Recovery program is tailored to residents in their first 90-120 days of recovery. The program includes individual and group counseling, therapy, spiritual counseling, Shabbat and Jewish holiday services, and an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and the principles of the 12-Steps. T'Shuvah Center provides an array of group instruction: covering such topics as substance abuse education, relapse prevention, AA step study, Jewish ethics, relationships, life skills, health, anger management, conflict resolution, personal responsibility, and hygiene. Residents are also offered the opportunity to participate in our Complementary Programs, which include a wide array of creative programming. Recognizing that substance abuse is not only a disease of the mind, soul, and spirit, but of the body as well, T'Shuvah Center residents can also engage in activities like yoga, fitness training, surf therapy, and other healing activities. 

Family Program 

The Family Program understands that addiction affects the entire family. Dedicated to providing emotional and spiritual healing, this program guides each family through the process of recovery at T'Shuvah Center. The Family Program offers comprehensive family recovery services including: family support groups, family education groups, multi-family process groups, out of town family immersion weekends, a parents focused Al-Anon group, individual family therapy, as well as consultation and intervention services for families and individuals in crisis.