T’Shuvah Center will focus on four areas:

  1. Long-term residential addiction recovery care for people 18 years of age and above who struggle with addiction or self-destructing behaviors.

    • This will include Jewish text study and ritual, psychotherapy, the 12 step program and spiritual counseling.

    • This integrated approach aims to change the stigma of recovery from addiction, heal people suffering and ultimately save as many lives as possible.

  2. Engaging families in the recovery process through comprehensive family therapy and counseling.

    • Addiction does not only affect the addict. Addiction can tear apart families and destroy relationships.

    • We offer residents the ability to invite their family and loved ones to be a part of the recovery process to ensure that there is strong support network when someone leaves T’Shuvah Center.

  3. Training and educating clergy, chaplains, educators and clinical professionals in residential recovery services.

    • We will create curricula to enable others to be supportive and helpful of those suffering from addiction.

  4. Creating a culture among the Jewish community (and beyond) of helping those suffering from addiction deal with their demons and removing the negative stigma attached to addiction, in conjunction with other organizations (synagogues, JCCs, etc.) in the Greater New York City area. This includes:

    • Classes to connect Judaism (wisdom, text, ritual) to recovery.

    • T'Shuvah Groups to allow people to discuss how they "hit the mark or missed the mark” in a particular week or time period.

    • Spirituality Groups to enable people to explore the deeper meaning of the pain they are suffering.

For a more detailed explanation of what makes T’Shuvah Center’s model of care unique, please click on this link.